How To Stop Tracking Calories And Macronutrients


Tracking your nutrition is one of THE best ways to reach any fitness goal.

I use it myself when trying to reach any specific fitness goal, and I use it with 99% of most of my nutrition coaching clients. The concept is based on science and not some fad diet, it provides data to me as a coach to make changes when necessary, and most importantly it educates the tracker on the nutritional content of the foods they are eating.

But is it something you have to do forever? Or is there a point in your fitness journey where you can transition away from it and live a life that is free of the food scale and tracking apps?

In this episode you'll learn:

  • When is a good time to transition away from tracking your nutrition.
  • The two methods I prefer to use when transitioning away form tracking.
  • The benefits that come from not tracking your nutrition.

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Hope you enjoy!

- Nick


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